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“Under” Suzuki S15 Silvia


Jack Monkhouse’s S15 Rally Car – Crazy Angle Woot Hoot

I am not sure if Jack meant this but it was differently impressive watching a S15 Silvia getting serious high speed angle on a dirt road, surrounded by trees.

Maybe it’s not the faster way through the rally; but surely it would have been the funnest?

One thing is for sure, sliding a Silvia around my local state forest is officially on my bucket list…

Shiroi Usagi & XYZ Racing – 2012 Season

Pleased to announce that Shiroi Usagi will teaming up with Performance Suspension to campaign their XYZ Racing, S13 Silvia for the 2012 season.

Performance Suspension is the Australian Distributor for XZY Coilovers and Brake kits, so if you are looking to upgrade your street or track car, email shiroiusagi@live.com or via the contact details below.