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Farewell today to a true legend


WRC Part 6 – Red Range Spec Point

Sunday 1:30pm, Red Range Road Spec point was our final stop for the day and probably the most entertaining. The WRC cars were pushing really hard downhill into a S bend which was follwed by a long left, so for the first time we could see the cars taking off into the distance.

The dust levels were insane, as were my depleting energy levels, nevertheless it was a weekend (well morning) to remember. Defiantly looking forward to round 2 in 2013.

WRC Part 5 – Mid Stage

Sunday – 12:30pm. Seeing the cars racing through the forests of Coffs Harbour is defiantly one of the best motorsports experiences that I have ever had.. I guess racing to some degree is the essence of all motorsport but I have to admit, driving along side Ken Block & Daniel Oliveira’s WRC cars early in the day, somehow seemed to rate higher..

As far as I can remember, I wanted to be a WRC driver. Due to lack of money and talent, that dream will never become a reality but seeing and hearing these cars beside me through the streets of Coffs Harbour kind gave me the slightest taste of what it would be like driving between stages.

Anyhow, on the way back to the second Plum Pudding Stage we got caught up with another bunch WRC cars making their way to the second Bucca stage. This time it was Mikko Hirvonen and Sébastien Loeb… I think my life is now complete.

WRC Part 3 – Plum Pudding Spec Point

Sunday – 8:20am.. We finally found our destination and once again it was the wrong one.. The organisers of this event where as useless as tits on a bull, but still nice enough to let us in so I can’t complain to much. The Plum Pudding spectator point was perfect location for some sideways actions pics. Once again the WRC cars pushed the limits far beyond a point I thought was possible.

WRC Part 1 – Bucca Spec Point

Sunday – 6.56am the first WRC car arrived and it was nothing like what I expected. The speed and sound of these things was just insane. Sure I had attended the odd ARC event as a kid, but this was my first time at experiencing a WRC in person and I was loving it..

Paparazzi Style – Ken Block

I have so many cool pics from the WRC event at Coffs Harbour on the weekend but it is going to take some time to sort.

So in mean time, here is some video footage shot by Wojski of a few WRC cars mid stage…

I have to say, driving beside WRC cars on the street was seriously cool.

Ken Block

Mikko Hirvonen

Sebastien Loeb