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Bugger!!!! I had an awesome idea to keep the old girl for ever. Alas it was time to let go.

So long, farewell, it has been super fun /(o_o)\


Shiroi Usagi s14 – Intercontinental delays

I arrived back in Australia and was welcomed to a serious case of reverse culture shock. Being 2 years outside a English speaking country will do that.

My excitement to get the s14 back home was delayed when one of the wharfies’ had a bit of a stack while being loaded on the ship.

Never mind, the car was back to Looking for a new front bumper and greddy cooler courteous of the shipping company. I have heard some horror stories car being destroyed on arrival so I was very lucky how this one panned out.

Shiroi Usagi S14 – Putting it all together

When Looking was done with the bodywork, I stopped over at Laurence (from JDMism.com) place to try out my newly acquired guard roller. Neither one of us had any clue about rolling guards but with Google as our guide, we seemed to get by some success.

At the same time we decided to take some celebratory posing photos of the both our cars. Unfortunately Laurance’s yellow s14 would be parted and crushed not long after these pics were taken 😦


**some pics by Laurence Janus…