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The run around car

Full caged run around car for 3 adults and a baby.

Did someone say tight sequence?


Take a closer look

Spacers – some people think your car will explode into a ball of fire if you use them, other don’t give a shit. I am the latter.

Not that I would prefer them over a properly fitted rim or anything, but after seeing the numbers of cars being thrashed in Japan with little to no issues, I just don’t see a problem with running a decent set. I have actually seen more cheap rims disintegrate than spacers, so I say stop being pussies and get a set for your lame arse skid rims A.S.A.P.

Anyhow, it was interesting to see a set of 30mm spaced on the HKS Hiper max Evo at the WTAC. Even more amazing was the room between the Endless Callipers and the rims. You wouldn’t want a rock stuck in there (´・_・`)

Flights booked, tickets in hand

I honestly can’t remember the last time I was excited to go to a car event. Over the years every event has become kind of old and stagnate for me, to the point of passing down free media passes to the Suzuka D1, just because I couldn’t be bothered driving 2 hours to the track (yes this is my low point).

The World Time Attack Challenge on the other hand has recaptured that lost interest in a big way. Seriously can’t wait.

Now if only we can peer pressure HKS to take out the CT230R Evo for a few demo laps (*-*)/

Pic via http://www.worldtimeattack.com/