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WTAC 2013 – Random Toyota Hilux

Few bolt-on..

Body paint shorts look real.. Epic!!!!


WTAC Hardparkers – MCA 370Z ‘Drift Monster’

Next up is Josh Coote’s MCA built 370Z ‘Drift Monster’. Still early stages of the build but holy shit it looks cool.

Check their build thread here

Camaro Skids

What to do when you’re half way through the race and you realise you’re not going to win? Ross Grimes knows the answer.

Jack Monkhouse’s S15 Rally Car – Crazy Angle Woot Hoot

I am not sure if Jack meant this but it was differently impressive watching a S15 Silvia getting serious high speed angle on a dirt road, surrounded by trees.

Maybe it’s not the faster way through the rally; but surely it would have been the funnest?

One thing is for sure, sliding a Silvia around my local state forest is officially on my bucket list…