がいじん s14 200sx – The Curse of the Money Pit

2001 – The s14 Curse
The project all started when a friend of mine (David) decide to move to Japan and he had to desperately sell his s14 200sx. I didn’t know much about them apart from the fact that they were ugly as all hell, but it had a BOV which the chicks dug, so I was hooked.

We arranged a swap for my daily N14 NOS Feed Nissan Pulsar and some cash his way and that was that.

About 12 months before I bought the car, the 200sx had a pretty serious engine fire, so David organised a s14 Silvia front cut from Japan to fix it all up..

So my new 200sx had everything JDM up front, including the Navan front bumper, ball bearing turbo, Central 21 ECU and other cool things like climate control..
I soon learnt that the car was way faster than other 200sx, and decided to test it out at Willowbank..

Surprisingly enough it ran 12.8 on street tyres which was pretty quick back then.

I didn’t have a digital camera so these are some of the only pics I have of it.. Did I say it was ugly.

2002 – Go Fast bits
After driving the car around for a year or so, I decided I wanted to go faster.. Looking back at this moment, it was the biggest mistake I have ever made in owning a modified car. The s14 was quick and reliable, but I was greedy for more power, so I saved my ass off and ordered lots of go-fasts bits.

After installation, I sent the car off to be tuned. Unfortunately the engine decided to go Chk Chk Boom.. I had just spent lots of money on a paper weight 😦

2002 – Rebuild Number 1
After 6 months of saving and a little help from my bank manager, I could finally afford to get the bottom end rebuilt with aftermarket rods, pistons and head gasket etc.
Being a tight arse, I decided to pull the engine out myself in a mates garage. I had no idea about mechanics or, what was involved, all I knew was I wanted my car running and I couldn’t afford to do it any other way..

2003 – Testing
After another 6 months of collecting dust, the car final was running with the new setup.
We took it to the strip to test it out and on the very first pass; the car ran 11.7@118mph on the low boost tune of 14psi.

The boost was wound back up to 19psi and the with a mega about of clutch slippage, the car ran 11.8@120mph.. We went back out for one more run but the clutch just couldn’t handle the pressure, so we packed up and drove home.

I can’t remember what power it was making during this stage, but from memory it was around the 250 rkw mark;

(I forget the brand) aftermarket Rods
(I forget the brand) Forged pistons,
Bottom end fully balanced and blue printed
(I forget the brand) metal head gasket
Stock Head
Custom alloy oil breather and radiator overflow system.
Custom Built TO4e with T61 wheel
TurboSmart 45mm external waste gate and screamer pipe
custom manifold, custom front mount intercooler and pipe work, custom built blow off valve.
NA throttle body
custom fuel rail
555cc injectors
Malpasi fuel reg
600hp fuel pump, custom surge tank & gt-r in-tank pump
Microtech ECU
TurboSmart boost controller
Full custom 3″ exhaust system
Heavy duty Direct single plate puck clutch
Lowered King Spings with stock suspension

Mid 2003 – Bye Bye Head

Even with the dodgy clutch, the car was still drivable on the street, so we installed a methanol injection setup on the car in an attempt to run more boost.. The car was running sweet for about 8 months, until one night while going nuts on the Motorway, a very nasty noise developed.

Turned out I had bent a valve.. One of the wires for the Methanol setup had rubbed and shorted, so the engine was out once again and sent back to the engine shop. I had to refinance at the bank once again to cover this.. The debt levels were getting pretty nasty.

Mid 2003 – New Wheels
The head was fixed up with some Stainless steel valves and Port and polish for good measure. I was getting sick of the car looking like crap so I ordered some new 18″ HR racing wheels – 8″ front, 9″ rear with Pirelli tyres.

I don’t know the offset as that wasn’t important to me back then. Yes Ewwwww

Mid-Late 2003 – Crash Derby
After another couple of months, the head was done now and the car was running sweet. The clutch problems that had plagued me earlier in the year needed to be fixed, so I booked the car in at a work shop in which my close friends worked.

Later that night I had a call from my friend. From what I could make out under the sob, was he had crashed my car, good and proper ,while taking it for a joy ride.

As you can imagine I was pretty devo’d, especially considering that A) my friend was broke, and B) so was I after spending all the cash on the Engine, and being a uni student, money wasn’t flowing in at a rapid rate.

This is an artist impression of what the car looked like.

Late 2004 – Repairs

After a year of mess, My mate and I were no longer mates, and I finally had the car back from the panel beaters..

While the car was being repaired, I thought it was a good opportunity to get another bank loan and make the car look pretty.

I stripped the car myself in preparation for a re-spray. Things were looking up.

Late 2004 – New Bits

After the longest wait ever, M-Sport kit from Japan arrived, along with some new Apexi coil-overs.

Late 2004 – New Outfit – Part 1

The car was sent back off to the panel beaters to have the body kit fitted and prepped for painting.. I decided on Lamborghini Murcielago Ice Silver.. I am not sure why but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Late 2004 – New Outfit – Part 2

Finally Painted

Late 2004 – The Jigsaw Puzzle.

Pulling things apart is easy.. Remembering where everything goes again is a bitch

Late 2004 – The Finished Product

After near 18 months sitting idle, the s14 was on the road again.. It was such a bitch and I was drained financially and down a good mate.. It was the biggest lesson learned in life. DON’T LET YOUR MATES DRIVE YOUR CAR!!!!!!


So it is early 2005 and I was starting to get more and more interested in the drift scene, but I was still keen to try and break the 11.7 I ran at the drags in 2003, I bought some 15” R31 rims and some fully sik 9” drag slicks… Shit was going to break for sure..

Late 2005/Early 2006

And sure enough, in 2005 before I made my comeback to at the drag strip, the all to familiar tick tick came back, while being silly on the M1.. This tick quickly turned into a boom.. This time nothing was salvable.

So the engine was out one more time 😦

Early 2006 Continued

This time I went nuts on the engine.. I made sure I covered all areas internally so nothing would break ever again..

I also upgraded the ECU and Coils at the same time

New bottom end

New ported Head

Ross Forged pistons &Nitro Hardened race rings

New Single plate button clutch

HKS Cams, valve springs & rocker arm stoppers

One more time ;(

Around November 2005

It was running once again

Well the plan was to run the engine in and head back to the strip and crack a 10 second pass, then change the Turbo for something more suited to drift.

In January 2006, I actually one the bid on a HKS GT 2835 Pro but the seller reneged on the deal after changing his mind and thought he could get more for it.. I was pretty pissed and thought I would report him, but on the same day, my wife and I were offered a job in Japan, so there was a new carrot in front of my face…

I had a long hard think about it, and thought, F##k it. I am going to Japan

Final pics and Mods at January 2006

Eagle H-Beam Rods
Ross Forged pistons,
Nitro Hardened race rings
Bottom end fully balanced and blue printed
HKS metal head gasket
Ported and polished head
Stainless valves
HKS race valve springs
HKS cams cams
HKS rocker arm stoppers
ARP head stud kit
Custom alloy oil breather and radiator overflow system.
Custom Built TO4e with T61 wheel
TurboSmart 45mm external waste gate and screamer pipe
custom manifold, custom front mount intercooler and pipe work, custom built blow off valve.
NA throttle body
custom fuel rail
555cc injectors
malpasi fuel reg
600hp fuel pump & custom surge tank
gt-r in-tank pump
3-bit Microtech LTX8s (laptop) computer with bosch coils
TurboSmart boost controller
R32 radiator
Full custom 3″ exhaust system
Heavy duty Direct single plate puck clutch (brand new)
Apexi N1 coillovers
Msport body kit
Racing Bucket Seat

Custom silver paint with blue/purple flick
Tinted windows, extensive polishing, auto meter gauges, imported s14 Silvia grille
Imported white dials, imported climate control, imported guards, imported light weight plastic head lights, clear indicators.
Rear mounted battery
Pioneer CD player, kicker 6″ splits in the front with 6 “ in the rear, Alpine 10” subwoofer and 1000w amp.
18″ HR racing wheels 8″ front, 9″ rear with Pirelli tyres

End of an Era

It wasn’t until about August 2006 that I got the call from my mum back in Australia telling me that the s14 had sold…. I was kind of sad about letting it go, but at least I didn’t have to see it being driven away by someone else. The great news was I now had some cash, and it was time had come to buy a new car..


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