Short Track Series R3 – Bamm!!!

Wooooow, what a night.

Ok I have to be honest here. Not all, but most drift comps in Australia are boring.. Sorry but it’s true. I don’t want to pull any of the event organizers down as they have all done an amazing job working with what they have got and are they are the reason drift it where is in Australia today. But for anyone who has experienced MSC, D1 or any local comp in Japan will know the level of excitement is what makes the experience over there so much better.

C’est la vie right.. Hell no. The QLD short track series has seriously got it together to the point I would have to rate last nights comp as one of the best I have attended.

The whole vibe was great, with tunes playing, Mez saying funny jibe on the mic, and a bucket load of mayhem from the drivers. I guess you simply need to look at the number of spectators (for such a small event) to see they are on a winning formula.

Anyhow the major stand out for me was the driving. Everyone seems to have taken some crazy pills before the event with Kris Klutke, Rob Whyte and Flynn Dowling been the standouts for me. Backwards entries, panel rubbing tandems, drift train and wall riding were the recipe for the night. I actually woke up so pumped this morning that I put I’ve put my skid rims back on my Silvia… ahhh but might need some more practice before the next one though (>_<)

Check out my complete album of the event by clicking here


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