Becoming Banksy – Maid in London

Renovating your house is like being kicked in the nads by a stiletto wielding ex girlfriend … It’s really sucks.

It doesn’t just hurt your body soooooo so bad, but it drains your bank account to the point that there is nothing left to heal the pain.

Well this has been my life of late (well the reno part) but thankfully it’s just about over..

Anyhow, after building a really bleak wall in my house recently I decided one afternoon that it needed a little some’thn some’thn to jazz it up… So I went to my local $2 shop, picked up a $20 canvas, laid out all my left over house paint, grabbed my black roll cage spray can and got creative.

Well not really. I couldn’t think of any thing to paint so I decided to just rip off Banksy with my own Maid in London stencil.



So it’s not a masterpiece, but being straight from the can, with a bit of a clean up I think this could look alright 🙂


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