Building a Drift Car Part 1 – Where do you start????

Well here it is… the hunk of junk that is to become a butterfly.

Every project has to start somewhere and what better place to start than an S13 Silvia. Cheap, easy and an endless supply of parts made the choice easy for Chris from Performance Suspension on the Gold Coast.

Chris’s plan of attack is to make the s13 a fun drift car that can dabble in the odd sprint day, all the while not spending a shit load of money on faggoty street cred mods.

The requirements:
1. It must be low
2. It must have insane lock
3. It must, above all other thing, be fun.

Making the car low was the easy part with a set of custom XZY coil overs and a host of adjustable arms.

Crazy angle on the other hand required some in house fabrication by modifying the factory knuckles to similar design to as my s14’s 326 power (aggressive) knuckles. I have used these for drift and sprint days and I am massive fan of their design. The one problem with my s14 however is clearance (>_<)

To over come this with the s13 it’s LCAs have been extended my 25mm and 8.5 inch wheels are to be used up front. PBM offset rack spacers, tie rod rack end spacers, adjustable tie-rod ends and adjustable castor arms will finish steering off. For now.

Coilovers anyone??


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