The Dream Serpent NSX Bro!

Last time I saw this Honda NSX in one piece was at Meihan, where the driver was going absolutely nuts; power sliding the most unlikely drift car ever though the first right hander.

There wasn’t any wall grinding, or bucket loads of loads of smoke, just a whole lot of speed and a serious set of balls which would upset the car enough to make it the perfect drift car for those few seconds.

Anyhow, as fate would have it the car decided to dispose of its front end on the infamous Meihan grandstand (insert wall with a tyre in front of it) that day, which coincided with the day I left my camera at home (~_~)

The good news is, I have since spotted the car in a few issues of Drift Tengoku so the dream serpent lives on.

*note* I have so many photos that I can’t remember if I have posted this on on Shiroi Usagi before.. If I have, eat shit, here it is again.


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