WRC Part 4 – Service Stage Coffs Harbour

Sunday – 12:00pm. Dammit!!! My Nissan Murano is no 4WD!!!!.

What I thought was a tinny bit of wet grass turned out to be the knife in the kidneys for my trusty Nissan. I was bogged directly outside the WRC service stage located at the old Coffs Harbour airport. Thankfully there were plenty of onlookers to push me out of my predicament so my embarrassment levels remained fairly stable.

First thing we noticed was I was not the only one with dramas. Evgeny Novikov (the flying Russian’s) WRC Ford Fiesta had come to grief in a big way during the Plum Pudding stage. Thankfully he and co driver Denis Giraudet were ok which is a testament to the build quality of these cars.



  1. Wojski

    Just quietly, looking at the shock absorber of the Fiesta, GOD it is HUGE! look at the thickness and length of it, it must carry sooooo much oil obviously because the oil gets soooooo hot in a shock absober that moves as much as one would during a rally! FAR OUT! Not to mention the amoutn of travel it has~!

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