Take a closer look

Spacers – some people think your car will explode into a ball of fire if you use them, other don’t give a shit. I am the latter.

Not that I would prefer them over a properly fitted rim or anything, but after seeing the numbers of cars being thrashed in Japan with little to no issues, I just don’t see a problem with running a decent set. I have actually seen more cheap rims disintegrate than spacers, so I say stop being pussies and get a set for your lame arse skid rims A.S.A.P.

Anyhow, it was interesting to see a set of 30mm spaced on the HKS Hiper max Evo at the WTAC. Even more amazing was the room between the Endless Callipers and the rims. You wouldn’t want a rock stuck in there (´・_・`)


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