Jayrad’s less broken s14

I dropped into a mate’s house a couple of weeks ago to check the progress of his replacement SR install into his Kouki s14. I helped Jared pull the dead SR out a month or so ago which was a real bitch, but thankfully this time there were plenty of hands on deck & I could sit back and doing nothing (except drink his beer hahahahaha).
Anyway, Jared has some fun stuff going on the new engine including a new tdo5 spec turbo which I am eagerly awaiting the results on. I figure it could be time for a turbo upgrade on my own s14 and this is one of the cheaper turbos that are “apparently” getting fantastic results. If it is anything like what the interwebs have been saying, it should be a winner.

Jarred working on the inter cooler plumbing??

Say cheese Simon
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