Time for a change

I am kind of getting board with my s14’s style.

Should I or shouldn’t I???



    • shiroiusagi.com

      Yeah nah, lol

      Ben’s old s14 had a URAS Type 4 kit, which has been done to death around the world, and only looks good if it is ridiculously low. The D-Max kit is not that common here is Oz and is super rad but it falls in the same category with ride height.

      As much as I love this look, it is not practical for a car that is driven on our streets, hence the reason for Ben selling his car in the first place.

      The D-max type 2 on the other hand………………

  1. Jase

    I guess its really your call, but type 3 would look better and at the height that youre at atm it wouldnt look too bad at all. 🙂

    And make sure you flag that grille also, lol!

  2. shiroiusagi.com

    Agreed would look better with wide fenders, but disagree with standard guards.

    Hey don’t get me wrong, I love the fat kits, but take a look at the difference of Nigel’s 180sx, with the only change being the URAS kit.. He would be bent over backwards if he drove that thing past a high patrol car on the way to QR from the Goldie, yet with the old kit (like what you have), he probably would have got away with it.

    Everyone hates on my grille (>_<). I remove it now and then (see pic), but I always end up putting it back on because every other s14 either has it removed or has a ADM one.. So it will most likely stay. I like owning a car that has no Australian doppelganger.

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