I have been living under a rock

I have wanted a rear diffuser on my s14 for some time now but I was sceptical how a generic one would look and function.

Anyhow, while doing a bit of online shopping last night I discovered that K’s FRP Facotry already make one for my rear bumper \(^-^)/

Defiantly going to buy one of these next payday.



    • shiroiusagi.com

      Yeah maybe, still going to get it though.

      I have my GT wing on a spare boot for easy swaps on the grip days. I am in actually in the process of making new brakets so it sits higher…

      The JDM wing is just for street driving only, as in the low d-max style wing, which again is on another boot for easy changes overs.

      I am starting to think that 3 boot lids are enough to cover any mood I might be in.

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