I have an itch that needs scratching..

Going fast around a track has caught my attention and I am finding that I am spending more time at these events then the drift days of late. I love pushing the limits but since the disaster of my last build which resulted in a never-ending money pit in the quest for more power, I have decided to leave my s14’s engine as standard as possible.

So here’s my dilemma. How to I go faster without chasing more power?

I am thinking weight and aero.

First thing I am noticing is there are very little off-the-shelf products on the market when it comes to grip and aero. Sure there are a few companies like Uras that have had a shot, but I am sceptical to the actual design. Has it been tested? It is it going to work any better than my K’s FRP factory kit?? I don’t know.

At the track a lot of guys are getting good results with simple things such as ply wood splitters. Sure it might work, but surely there is a better solution to the problem.

I am itching to play DIY fabricator this year. See what I can make up. The GT300 s14 Silvia’s are my inspiration.



    • shiroiusagi.com

      Tyres are covered, Interior is now semi stripped (still street driven so not crazy), Suspension is just about there, Brakes need upgrading now and who doesn’t need more seat time..

  1. Jase


    That is all you need, if you can get your hands on R33 GTR Brembo’s that would be plently.

    For the time being get some Project Mu HC+ Pads, Braided Lines and good Fluid. HC+ pads work well from the get go even cold and once they got some heat into them, they get better!

    Once you have raised your subframe in teh rear, and toe arms etc, you are set!

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