Shiroi Usagi S14: Annoying problems

Ever since I had the car, it had this annoying noise coming from the power steering pump. Having gone through all the crap with my old s14 I knew it was a simple fix of tightening the power steering belt.

After scrapping my knuckles I went for a fang down to test out my hand work.. Sure enough everything was working fine until I proceed to make my way onto a major highway, when I mighty ‘bang’ followed by a bucket load of smoke started pouring from engine bay. It was about this time that my stomach dropped and I went close to crappy my dacks. The first this that popped into my head, was what do I do, who do I call??? How do I communicate with them??
While this was going though my head, I had to pull up the highway as I couldn’t see shit.. Kind of like following 5x Kuroi’s. Anyway, to this day I am not sure what all the other motorist were thinking, I. but the pricks wouldn’t let cross he lanes to try and find a safe spot to access the damage.. I started swearing and doing grumpy gaijin stuff and eventually I made it to the side..

On the way over I noticed was the power steering had gone.. Sure enough, on closer inspection the belt had snapped due to me forgetting to do up the bolt holding the pump to the block. The damn thing got locked in the pulley kind of like a stick in bike spokes.
Anyhow I drove to the closed yellow hat, played out a pantomime in an attempt to explain the part I was after, in which I was told they didn’t have.. I then tired Autobac who also didn’t have one.. Lucky I had studied the word phrase “can I order …..” the week before and the problem was solved. 4 days later I picked up the new belt & fixed the prick of a thing..


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