Shiroi Usagi S14: More practice

The Hitomi 2 Go days were about every month bar winter. It cost me about 10,000 yen in entry fees, 1,500 yen in toll charges, a tank of full, a 2.5 hour drive from Kobe and one big mofo walk to my car park (about 1km up a mountain from my apartment)

We had to be at the track for sign in at about 7:30am so that meant I had to leave Kobe at about 5:00am so to meet Jeese in Osaka by 6am. It took me about 30 mins+ to walk to the car so I left home around 4:30. This wasn’t such a big deal, bar the fact that winter was fast approaching and the temps were getting close to zero..

The Hitmoi days were broken up so that each class from about A-H (from memory) had about 10 min of non stop drifting around Meihan.. The thing that was great about this was there was no stop start drifting like here in Oz. That meant by the end of the day I would be starting to get the hang of things. I was still rocking up the class A group which was made up of other newbie’s, so there was little to no pressure to perform. The best part of these events was the Japanese attitudes at the track.. Everyone was friendly and never gave me crap about being crap.

Another friend Jos started coming along to the track in his black s14… He was in a similar boat to me, but had a lot more driving experience than I did so he picked up the track really quickly.

Unfortunately one day he broke his car and he was kind enough to a few of my runs. Sadly this was the only video I have of me drifting the s14 at Meihan .


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