Shiroi Usagi s14: My first slide

I was well and truly over the drag racing scene that I went through with my old s14, so I was keen to give drifting a try. I saved up my pennies (well yen), borrowed 2 spare rims from a mate Laurance from (who also organised some tyres for me) and set off on my first Hitomi Go drift day at Meihan. Laurance worked Saturdays so I meet up with his roommate, Jesse Streeter.

It was Jesse’s first time at the Meihan as well, but he already knew what he was doing (from years of practicing on the streets), so he was out with the pro’s before me (see JDMism’s mad video of Jesse here.).. About 3rd lap in, Bang into the wall!!!. I was starting to think twice about this drifting idea.

The rules were pretty simple, obey the flag marshals, wear a helmet (if you want to) and if you cash and die, it’s your own fault..

I signed some sort of document that I couldn’t read and I was out there..

Jesse came for out the first couple rounds and gave me plenty of tips which I needed bad.. Boy did I suck (even more so than now) but It was an awesome first day without any major drama’s bar being stuck like a turtle on the ripple strip. Hehehehehe


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