Shiroi Usagi S14: The Car

When I inspected the car at the auctions, the mod sheet said it had aftermarket suspension, a PFC ecu and FMIC.. That was it.. It looked pretty clean on the outside, had a year of shaken left, so with a bit of negotiating I had a new toy.

After doing all the necessary paperwork, the next day I picked up the car from the Rokko Island docks and surprise surprise, the first thing I notice is the clunk of a mechanical diff and the rattle of a twin plate clutch. Win!!

The s14 was an ex Gravity Tire Kan (shop) time attack car so it was setup to handle, rather than outright power which made it feel really slow in comparison to my old s14. But it was fun to drive so I was pretty pumped to get to the track.

Mod wise, it had:

Apexi PFC
Cusco front and rear strut braces
Cusco Castor Arms
Greddy FMIC
Trust Filter
Trust Exhaust system
Unknown twin Plate
Unknown Diff
Momo Sterring wheel
Carbon Fibre Bonnet
Rays Gram Light 57C rims
Aragosta coil overs

Straight from the auctions


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